How We Work

Our Philosophy

We believe that every social interaction can enhance your life. All people have the potential to create the success and quality of life that comes with enhanced social awareness. Every person deserves the confidence to achieve the optimal result in every social situation. Whether in your personal life, your career or your in social circle, our objective is to help you attain social empowerment.

We also understand that becoming socially enlightened requires knowledge, skills and dedication. Everybody has inherit intuition, and our expertise will give you the tools to uncover and maximize your existing social intelligence.

Our Approach

Our approach is personalized. The type of interaction that you seek ultimately determines which path you will take to the next level. However, there are certain aspects of human interaction that will be consistent throughout any course you choose.

Some of the principles and common themes you will learn are:

  • Most interactions are not contrived or planned. We teach you how to create and maintain an organic, free flowing interaction with anyone you meet.
  • No two situations are identical. We will teach you how to adapt to any scenario you might encounter.
  • Every individual has a unique personality. We do not want to change you, but we do want to help you showcase the best of your traits.
  • Everything you learn will be applicable in situations you face from day-to-day life.
  • There is no single formula for social mastery. We teach you how to apply and adapt an array of fundamental principles and methodologies to all encounters.
  • No single teaching style works for everyone. Each individual has a unique way of learning, and we take your individuality into consideration when creating customized programs for our clients.
  • Interacting with people should be fun, as it is the easiest way to connect with anyone. We ensure that you will have an enjoyable and professional experience during your experience with Kingpin Social.

Our Method

We’ve invested endless hours studying and forming the methods required to give the best instruction possible. No single approach works 100% of the time. At Kingpin, we combine the best techniques from many social dynamics philosophies to give you the most efficient route to success.

Before you experience success, social interactions can be intimidating. Whether these interactions are intimate or professional, we break down the principles and present them in a way that our clients understand and retain. We believe in teaching the foundations of social dynamics one piece at a time rather than flooding a student with information before he has a base.

All programs have a limited student to teacher ratio. By increasing one-on-one time, each student gets maximal benefit from our programs.

You can expect to discuss, witness and practice each technique. Our instructors are experienced in all social scenarios and will join you, side-by-side, throughout your own interactions during the program.

Meet the Team

Cam Adair


To describe Cam in one word: passionate. Perceptive of human behavior at a young age, he felt destined for a role in counseling. After entering a journey of rigorous self-improvement, he found that his true calling was teaching others. Cam has been featured at TEDxBoulder, CW and Fox News.

Karim Saleh



Inspiring others to build more satisfying and healthier lives is what Karim does best. Karim is now a doctor training in psychiatry, whose gift for understanding others has shaped his specific interests in addiction and child mental health. He's a graduate from the National University of Ireland & Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.